New Town in Warsaw

The top sights in Warsaw’s New Town

New Town Market Square Warsaw The New Town is connected directly to the Old Town and was first built in the 14th century.
Most of the buildings had to be rebuilt after the second world war as they had been destroyed or damaged.
Although the Old Town is the more popular tourist destination it is still worth seeing.
You will have find several interesting churches.
The main street of New Town is Freta Street (Ulica Freta), which leads from The Barbican (the separation point between Old and New Town which was constructed 1548) through most of the New Town. By the way, the New Town did not have a city wall and in 1791 it had finally become a part of Warsaw.

The New Town Market Square (Rynek Nowego Miasta) is the center of Warsaw’s New Town. Until 1818 you could find the Townhall standing in the middle of the square, since 1958 you can find a well at the same place. The main sight here however is St. Casimir’s Church.

Church of the Holy SpiritChurches in New Town
You can see several churches here that are worth seeing.

St. Caisimir’s (Kazimierz) Curch was contructed from 1688 till 1689 and was eventually rebuilt from 1949 till 1955.
Most of the things in this Baroque church are from the 20th century, but a few things remain from the 18th century.
(Rynek Nowego Miasta 2)

St. Jacek’s ChurchThe Church of the Holy Spirit is another Baroque style church, it was built in 1717.
In former times there used to be wooden church here, but it was destroyed during the Swedish War.
The church is also the starting point for the pilgrimages to Poland’s famous   Częstochowa.
(Ulica Nowomiejska 23)

St. Jacek’s Church was constructed by the Dominicans at the start of the 17th century. Worth seeing there is especially the chapel. You can find the church opposite from the Church of Holy Spirit.
(Ulica Freta 8/10)

St. Mary’s ChurchThe Church of the Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary  (St. Mary’s Church) is one of the pldest churches in Warsaw it was built from 1411 in Gothic style. Since then the church was remodeled several times.
The church can be seen easily from the other side of the Vistula, so it is also a part of the charming skyline of Warsaw.
(Ulica Przyrynek)

St. Francis Church was constructed at the turn of the 17th century.
Make sure to look at the chapel inside. The after ware reconstruction was already finished in 1948.
(Ulica Zakroczymska 1)

Sapieha PalaceFurther suggestions for sightseeing in New Town
The Raczynski Palace was built 1786. Inside there is a beautiful ballroom. Today the Palace is used as an  archive.
(Ulica Dluga 7)
The Sapieha Palace was built for the Lithuanian Chancellor Jan Fryderyk Sapieha between 1731 and 1746. Rebuilt after the war it now houses a school. wieder aufgebaut beherbergte es dann eine Schule.
(Ulica Zakroczymska 6)

New Town Warsaw

The New Town is located between the Old Town
(in the south), Park Traugutta (in the north) and Plac Krasinkich (in the west). If you are coming from the Old Town you might want to continue walking to Krasinski Palace and Park, to see the sights there. Afterwards you can easily catch the metro, bus or tram at Ratusz Arsenal.
If you want to make the New Town your starting point you will to have to walk around 10-15 minutes from the bus stop in Bonifraterska Street (bus lines: 100, 116, 122, 127, 174, 175, 195, 303), then take Franiszkanska Street to get to the New Town. But remember the route through Krasinski Park is more beautiful, but it takes 5 minutes longer.